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Art Curator of the independent exhibition Opuntia ficus-indica by the artist Carmen Bertorello at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina (2022)

Opuntia ficus-indica is the search and direct contact with the known territory, the recovery by attraction to discarding and then the decontextualization and selection of fragments found from a series of stems of "Opuntia ficus-indica", which begins and tells the story of this experimental work and interdisciplinary.
Opuntia ficus-indica transits during the dialogue with the context and the found object, which fell due to maturity, ignored, apparently invisible, in the process of decomposition and in the form of a skeleton to photography, digital drawing, contemporary engraving, and botanical prints with natural dyes; expansive surfaces that present experimentation with the object, leaving its mark and texture to build a new landscape.
The action of experiencing the transformation, marks presence in each part of the process and it is between the tumult, the disorder and the process of calm, order and selection, where the expression of the hidden in the story itself occurs.

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