n i n a h a y n a l

Nina Haynal is a visual artist and art curator from Argentina. She was born in Buenos Aires in 1996 and is of Hungarian descent.

She graduated in Visual Arts at the Nacional University of Córdoba, Argentina (2020).

In 2018, she lived and studied Stone Lithography at EFA -The Elizabeth Foundation for The Arts - Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Program, New York, USA.

Currently, she lives and studies in Barcelona and is working on a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy Dra. Bettina Egger at the FARBE school. She is also working on an online course at Curaduría y Mercado de Arte dictated by the Instituto Cultura Contemporanea in Córdoba, Argentina.

Her work stands out for the use of lithographic techniques, drawing, photography, installation, and the constant questioning of the limits between the body and the context through work with materiality.

Photo credit Angela Viola